24 Mar

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Dear Parents,

First of all, thank-you for your emails, kind words and general support at this very challenging time.

Essential childcare
I cannot thank you enough for your response to this aspect of what schools are being asked to do. We know our families well and it is so heartening to know that even where it is very challenging for parents, you have focused on the guiding principle of children being at home where you possibly can.

Risk assessment
To ensure the safety of pupils and staff is maintained according to the guidance set out regarding Social Distancing, we have individually risk assessed pupils and families. We have been advised that we should not provide care on school site for those who are at ‘increased risk’, this includes pupils who have:

  • Underlying health conditions
  • Behaviour that requires physical intervention
  • Personal care needs
  • A feeding plan

The risks being addressed include cross-contamination from staff-pupil and pupil-staff when engaging in activities/situations where physical contact is necessary in an open/school setting with multiple children and staff.

The Hollinwood Academy site is now closed until further notice. Please continue to check the school’s website for further updates.

Thank you again for your understanding at this time of uncertainty. Staff will continue to communicate with students and families at least 3 times per week.

Take care,


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