06 Mar

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Once again, we have taken part in the BBC Young Reporter Day (formerly the BBC News Report Day), a nationwide event which encourages young people across the UK to take an interest in the news. As part of this project, pupils research news stories that are of interest to them and gather the facts about the story, get the opinions of others and present the news live-to-air.

This year we encouraged schools from across the Trust to take part and we have some very ‘interesting’ reports to take a look at. For some, this is a project they have been involved with in the past whilst others are completely new to it…staff included!

These reports have been filmed and edited on learners’ iPads and in some cases have been completed in one 45 minute session. Some pupils didn’t quite grasp that news stories are supposed to be factual but enjoyed presenting their stories nevertheless!

Take a look at the video reports from each school (we are still awaiting reports from our other sites which we’ll share tomorrow). Mr Bright would like to say a big ‘well done!!’ to all the pupils involved and thank all the staff for being such good sports.

Enjoy the reports!